Robot Developer Workshops

Fri Oct 22, 2021, 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM (PDT)
Jumpstart the Robot Block Party with a Developer Workshop! Foxglove Robotics, Haddington Dynamics, Make Spot Dance, Picknik and more TBC!

About this event

Keep the ROS Con energy going and Jumpstart the Robot Block Party with Robot Developer Day! Workshops from Foxglove Robotics, Picknik AI, Haddington Dynamics, Merklebot and Spot from Boston Dynamics. More TBC.

SCHEDULE (still under development)
  • Stay posted for prerequisites, durations, workshop abstracts etc.
  • Also these in person workshops MAY ALSO offer remote attendance TBC.
Would you like to sponsor this event or another Silicon Valley Robotics event? Here's the current SPONSORSHIP PROSPECTUS and we've added tickets to this Eventbrite lining up with the Robot Developer Day Workshops Sponsorship options.
  • Sponsor the whole Robot Developer Day for $1000 and we'll tell the world about it :)
  • Sponsor Food & Drink for some (or all of us) and get your name and logo printed on Food and/or Drink tickets. It's approx $15 per person per day.
And if you'd like to run a Developer Workshop too, let us know ASAP :
Did we mention ROS World? Yes, We're having a ROSCon '21 Viewing Party at Circuit Launch on Wednesday Oct 20 and Thursday Oct 21. Hear from all the folks who are doing leading edge robot development ahead of Robot Developer Day Workshops.
You can register for the ROSCon '21 Viewing Party at:

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Also, the Silicon Valley Robotics Robot Block Party is BACK! Join us at Circuit Launch in Oakland for a Saturday October 23 with full of robot demos, mini developer workshops, speakers, job fair, show'n'tell and most of all lots and lots of fun!

See for more information!


Andra Keay