Voltera 102 - Circuit Assembly: Solder and Reflow

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Fri May 27, 1:00 - 3:00 PM (PDT)
Circuit Launch, 8000 Edgewater Drive, Oakland, CA, USA  

Voltera Circuit Assembly with Solder and Reflow.

Circuit Assembly with the Voltera: Make hand assembly of bare fabs easy with the Voltera. Normally hand assembly is a time consuming, error prone and frustrating process. With the Voltera solder paste application and reflow are completely automated. It is perfect for board bring up, mechanical blanks and proof of concept testing. Even better is that you can use any board you have, whether printed on the Voltera, milled on the Bantam CNC, or professionally done so long as you have the gerbers. In this class you will learn:

  • Machine Setup and Calibration
  • Solder Application
  • Component Placement
  • Solder Reflow

This class only covers Solder and Reflow capabilities. The Voltera 101 class is required to use the conductive ink on the Voltera.

Dan O'Mara

Prototyping, Supply Chain, Community Mgmt
Circuit Launch, 8000 Edgewater Drive, Oakland, CA, USA